How avoid misunderstandings with the neighbors during a house refurbishment?

A very important point during a general refurbishment of a house or an office is keeping a good relationship with the neighbors. If you live in a block of flats, then, of course, the ongoing work in your house will create annoyance for those living across the wall, ceiling or floor. Noise, smells, turned off water will most probably be very annoying. Well, if the neighbors are nice people then they would most probably understand what refurbishment is and that they will have to do them themselves at some point. In case you are looking for more information about different styles, decors and general help, visit a interesting blog dedicated to shabby chic.

But what about those cases when you live across the wall from someone who refuses to cooperate with you? Of course, if all noisy work is done during certain statutory periods against the rules than of course you could get in big trouble. Therefore, before you start any type of works, it is important to contact your local council that will provide you all the necessary information regarding rules and regulations in cases like yours.

For example, even in Europe there is no universal law on noise or silence that is applicable everywhere, but is different from country to country. There are even places where such rules do not exist at all (although these places are quite rare). In Moscow, for example, renovation works of apartments are allowed even on Sundays and public holidays, but only if the start after 9:00 and should finish no later than 19:00 o’clock. Of course, no one will notice if you do some quiet work like trimming or sticking wallpapers. Do not forget that in most cases these rules are applicable even for offices.

Let’s get back to the neighbors. People are different and they all have their own situations, their illness and problems. Someone could have a little child, someone could have the habit of an afternoon nap, etc. Unfortunately, if you do not try to find a consensus with them, these people could try and make your life a living hell, and rest assured that there are many ways to do this. For example, they could call a council officer and say that you are performing some illegal works. In this case, there is a high probability that someone would come to check whether you are performing some illegal alternations. May be there will be no issues in the end, but most probably you will have to loose a lot of time and checks and discussions.

Therefore, along with a clear implementation of all provisions of the law, you should try to make contact with all inhabitants of apartments around you. This will be useful, as you would have to train your diplomatic talents. Before beginning the works give a visit to your neighbors and warn them about the upcoming changes and the possible disturbance to them. You will see that most of them would be very nice to you, and only some would have special requests, like for example having a quite hour in the afternoon (so that their children could get a rest). Try to take this into consideration when planning the entire process or when hiring the contractors for the works.

For those controversial and difficult neighbors try and find a different approach. Why not try and surprise the grumpy old lady with a nice cake or a small gift that would definitely sweeten her attitude. Depending on your moral values, you could bribe the old man with a nice bottle of wine or a good quality beer. As you can see there are approached for anyone and that would work in most cases. These little gifts come at a small cost to you, but significantly reduce your risk of having unnecessary headaches.

It could sound funny to some, but it is important to take note of the current state of the building and if possible of the apartments nearby. You could have problems at the end, when some could claim that their house was damaged due to the heavy works performed by you (like cracked walls because of heavy machines or trucks, etc.). It is always wiser to stay on the safe side and protect yourself from unnecessary troubles.


House makeover during pregnancy

The desire to build a nest during pregnancy and prepare the apartment to a new tenant often turns into obsession, contrary to common sense and the real dangers. Not to be unfounded, we present a complete list and talk about what is fraught with the direct participation of the future mother to be repaired and what its role should be limited.

So, what is the most dangerous for the repair, moreover, that “the repair can not be complete, it can only be stopped?”

Effects on the future mother of toxic substances contained in varnishes , paints and other building materials. Constant physical stresses of the urgent need to rearrange things , something to clean, wash , etc. Harmful and uncomfortable during pregnancy poses fraught imbalance. Stress and fatigue that accompanies any repairs regardless of its success.

Talk separately about each of these factors.

1. At the time of repair most harmful is the evaporation of paints and varnishes . Even in the safest of them contain a certain amount of lead and mercury – substances with which contact is not allowed during pregnancy.

In recent years it became clear that the lead can adversely affect pregnant women and the fetus , including the loss of pregnancy. He condemns children to many problems , from serious neurological disorders to relatively low birth defects. The risk increases when the child has contact with lead , while still in the womb and shortly after birth. Contact with the metal may increase the risk of developing hypertension. Where is the danger traps us exposure to lead ? It is found in old paint , which is found under different stratification during repair.

Also avoid close contact with the means removing paint , which are highly toxic , and do not attempt to remove it , especially if you remove the paint was made on the basis of mercury or lead .

Even if the lead is not part of a paint product ( it’s not written on its label ) , is not fully known, that may contain some paint. Therefore, it would be good to recognize inappropriate painting fun for expectant mothers – even those who by all means try to do something in the days of waiting baby.

If there is no physical possibility to avoid contact with paint fumes , keep in mind that tightly closed during repair windows only aggravate the injury , creating the indoor atmosphere saturated with carcinogens ( substances that provoke the development of cancer ). Therefore it is necessary as often as possible to open the windows to evaporation dwindled . Remember that even if adherence ventilate the room during the repair you are not too reduce potential harm . Also, if you have a tendency to allergic reactions when inhaled fumes of paint and dust allergies may worsen.

2 . Absolute axiom during pregnancy should be the fact that lift anything heavier than 4-5 kg ​​expectant mother is absolutely contraindicated . In the opposite case, a pregnant woman can increase abdominal pressure, limited movement of the diaphragm , increased pressure on the organs located in the lower abdomen , including the uterus , and the pelvic floor muscles . Wearing weights in hands increases the load on the spine. Increased intra-abdominal pressure may aggravate existing threat of abortion .

3 . Since labor enthusiasm during repair causes a woman to make the most unbelievable “feats” such as a ladder to climb to the building on a particular business need with a clear danger of losing his balance and fall , it is worth recalling that even less extreme behavior can lead to tragic for the expectant mother consequences. Any slopes , lifts, bent posture leads to a shift of the center of gravity , which is fraught with a minimum of back pain . So put these concerns to a strong shoulders and limit some creative cause, such as a choice of color wallpaper, not lifting anything heavier than a single roll .

4 . It is generally accepted that the repair – it is very nervous : displays every detail of the human self and transformed from a mouse into an elephant . If we impose this in itself a stressful situation for some emotional instability during pregnancy , the prospects joyless , even if the reward is updated apartment . Effect of stress on the body of a pregnant woman is not fully understood, but even those studies that have been conducted , nothing optimistic about it can not tell. A repair doctors attributed to strong stresses such as bereavement , loss of job and moving to a new residence . Russian scientists conducted a study on the impact of stress during pregnancy on the subsequent development of the brain in the offspring in mice. The experimental results showed that the offspring of those females who were pregnant during the emotional stress was found to decrease motor and orienting-investigatory activity.

Agree, these data are sufficient for serious thought about whether you need an urgent update apartment. So better take care of oneself , the more that the younger child, caused by numerous rich experience held parents, loves to paint on the walls and have fun tearing off the wall lovingly selected and new wallpapers , and periodically drops on the floor heavy things , leaving footprints in the newly renovated floor. And soon the parents forget that their apartment was recently renovated.

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